31 Dec: Ringing in the New Year at Zancudo Lodge with a Monster Yellowfin Tuna

We’re ringing in the new year here at Zancudo Lodge with this monster yellowfin tuna pulled over the rails — or should I say through the door — of our Contender 32ST. Our guest Richard Katsma caught this monster 264lb yellowfin on December 31, 2019. Nice job and congratulations! Javier was able to zero in on where the tuna were with his Simrad Yachting x band bird radar and hooked this cow fishing a live bonita as bait. Happy new year!


24 Dec: Personal Best Yellowfin Tuna

Sam Root had the opportunity to visit the Zancudo in Golfito Costa Rica last week. I was lucky enough to catch this PB yellowfin tuna casting a stick bait. (the medium green sardine Mackstick.) The drag on the reel went in and out on me so it took quite a bit longer to land this baby than anticipated.