Orcas at The Zancudo Lodge

Video: Killer Whale and Calf Swimming in the Golfo Dulce

Guests get the suprise of a lifetime when killer whales pay them a visit

Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce gets annual visits from Killer Whales and Humpbacks looking for calm waters to give birth and raise their young

From our White Water Marine event last week — a killer whale with its baby. Check it out the baby she has a turtle in its mouth! Only in Costa Rica! Lots of whales including Humpbacks often visit Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce and the calm waters around to give birth and raise thier calves before heading back out in the open ocean. Humpback whales also visit the Golfo Dulce twice a year in what is considered the longest mammal migration from both the North and South Poles. Anglers visiting The Zancudo Lodge for some costa rica fishing usually witness something awe inspiring during their trip. From Manta rays, killer whales and the occasional whale shark – everything about this corner of the world is remarkable. See you soon at The Zancudo Lodge!