Simrad Tuna Radar

Find the porpoises and you’ll find the tuna

The Zancudo Lodge will get you on the tuna bite

The Zancudo Lodge has high-speed Contender 32st to get you on the bite fast. Thanks to our Raymarine 12k radars the boats will get you on the tuna bite detecting birds 6 miles out. Check out their latest and greatest fish finders. Our captains are getting the sounders dialed in check out the side, 3D and chirp sounder all used together to get the best picture of where to find the tuna around close to the boat. Once we get close we can get visuals on the porpoises and both spinners and spotted dolphin hold a lot of tuna. We work in passes as the porpoises move through using live bait…specifically bonito if we can get it. This is one of the most thrilling experiences an angler can have and we invite you to come down and enjoy the action first hand.