tuna on the side of boat with popper in mouth

Wide Open Yellowfin Tuna Bite at The Zancudo Lodge

Anglers take advantage of wide open yellowfin tuna bite with poppers and live bait


WOW the yellowfin tuna bite is wide open. Most of the fleet are landing between 3-15 a day Our high speed Contender boats are using their Simrad high definition adar to find the schools. Plus a few a few sailfish and marlin. If you’re seeking yellowfin tuna in costa rica we have really gotten our tuna hunting technique down to a science. With our Simrad radar we can find them up to five miles out and we have the captains who are experts at making passes with live bait as the porpoises swim near to ensure you get as many good shots at the big yellowfin as possible. When the schools are close to the surface, you can try your hand at poppers or even flies to catch YFT. We hope to see you soon in Southern Costa Rica at The Zancuod Lodge.