tuna drone footage in Costa Rica

Crazy Drone Footage of Tuna Baitball Madness

Video:Experience the chaos of a wide open Yellowfin tuna bite in costa rica!

In this video we take you up close and personal inside a tuna feeding frenzy in southern costa rica

About yellowfin tuna

Also known as ahi tuna, yellowfin tuna are powerful pelagic predators with specialized swimming muscles that enable them to cruise the ocean highways at speeds of up to fifty miles per hour. Tuna are also one of the few fish capable of regulating their own body temperature making them powerful swimmers who can avoid most predators. They don’t get as big as their bluefin cousins however with large individuals reaching 6ft and about four hundred pounds. Tuna are voracious predators eating just about anything they can swallow and when they are in a feeding frenzy (like the video above), they will hit just about any top water lure or bait you want to throw at them.

 Quick Yellowfin Tuna Facts

  • Yellowfin tuna live for about 7 years
  • Highly migratory
  • Females can release up to four million eggs when spawning
  • Can regulate their own body temperature
  • IGFA world record 427lbs
  • Like some shark species, yellowfin tunas must constantly swim to obtain oxygen
  • Yellowfin tuna meat is prized and goes for as much as $40 per pound
  • Yellowfin tuna will sometimes school with other species of tuna such as skipjack
  • Individuals over 200lbs are referred to as “cows” by anglers
  • Yellowfin can almost always be found underneath pods of certain species of dolphins

When to Catch Yellowfin Tuna

Tuna can be caught year round in Costa Rica and due to new laws forcing commercial fishing vessels further offshore, they are more abundant than ever. They average 30 to 40lbs but we see the big boys a couple of times per week. The hunt for yellowfin tuna starts only 45 minutes from our lodge and we locate the dolphin pods they swim with using state-of-the-art radar and fast boats. We use top of the line gear and work with the best captains to put our guests in the best possible position to catch a trophy sized yellowfin tuna.


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