Greg with YFY on the rail

Tuna and Marlin Bite on Fire Again at The Zancudo Lodge

Amazing tuna bite continues after high def radar picks up the school 5 miles out

Since opening we have caught 108 blue marlin. Today he had a wide open tuna bite Thanks to our Raymarine radar we picked up the school from 5 mile out. We caught 18 tuna the biggest 85lb After catching our limits the rest were released. At the end of the day I was reeling in a 40lb yellowfin half way up the line starts screaming, then it stopped once the tuna was up at the surface a massive blue marlin was right next to the boat lit upped. We pitched a dead bonita bam it ate as it ran the the line broke. It was gone. It was the biggest marlin I have ever seen at least 600lb.

  • The totals for today were astonishing
  • 6 Blue Marlin
  • 24 Tuna
  • 6 Dorado