Dorado Underwater

2019 Mahi Mahi (Dorado) gallery Fishing in Costa Rica

Dorado aka Mahi Mahi are keeping guests busy this season.

Not only are mahi mahi extremely good to eat, they are extremely exciting fish to fight as they jump and flip in the air like seasoned circus acrobats. Their ever changing color that is tied to their oxygen and adrenaline levels makes them seem almost like aliens as they go from deep, golden green to an almost pale blue throughout the battle.  Due to their outstanding flavor, these fish are often taken for the table fare, if you’re feeling bad about not releasing them you should know that these are some of the most prolific fish in the sea and the fastest growing fish in the sea and are available in big numbers.The Costa Rica law allows anglers up to 5 Mahi Mahi or Dorado per boat. Dorado can be found year round off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and are especially active around offshore debris such as a log or other piece of trash that has washed out to sea with the rains and has time to develop a food chain around it. Our captains will work logs and debris when we encounter them…we also get them trawling a mixed teaser spread offshore. Here are some photos of fishing for Mahi Mahi out of The Zancudo Lodge this season. Enjoy

couple with dorado kid with dorado captain cholo with dorado Gregg with Dorado Mahi Mahi nice mahi mahi